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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LinkDeploy?
LinkDeploy is a web service for leasing out backlinks to our customers' websites.
Contrary to other marketplaces, we are only interested in getting quality links originating from trustful resources. Our customers prefer to deal with really valuable backlinks, that are highly visible and provide real human traffic. Suspicious or spammy websites are not accepted into the network.

How can I make money?
You can make money by putting backlinks on your website(s). The important rule is to place the backlinks organically, so the backlinks are easy accessible by your website visitors. The links should be place for real visitors, not for the search engine bots.
How much can I earn with my website?
It depends on your website metrics and your particular page, where a link is placed. Typical prices vary between $5 and $20 per month, minimum price is $1 and there is no maximum.
I sell blog posts, can I use LinkDeploy?
We do not work on "pay for post" basis. But if your website is good enough you can still put links into the existing posts/pages, and get paid.
Why don't you buy permanent links?
First of all, permanent links are not really permanent, you know. We want to spread costs over time and make publishers interested in providing more content.
Which websites are accepted?
The main rule is that we accept "made-for-humans" websites having real organic traffic.
Can I decline backlink offer?
Yes, sure.
Should I be the owner of the website?
Yes, you should be the owner or have an approval from the owner for putting paid backlinks on the website.
How I get paid?
You are get paid once a month. Minimum amount is $20. We'll transfer your earnings through PayPay.
Can I buy backlinks from LinkDeploy network?
Not at the moment.