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Get paid for creating relevant backlinks inside your content.

How it works?

  LinkDeploy accepts the website into the network if it meets all our criteria including having a certain Domain Authority level, getting organic traffic, and having enough indexed pages.

  Then you will start receiving backlink offers. You can either accept or deny them if you suppose that they are not relevant enough. The more offers you accept, the better offers your get.

  If you accept the offer, you should put a backlink on your website according to instructions. You will get an Instant Bonus when the backlink is placed. Our moderators will double-check that backlink is placed correctly.

   At the beginning of each month, you will be paid via PayPal


LinkDeploy is a web service for selling website backlinks.

Contrary to other marketplaces, we are only interested in getting quality links originating from trustful resources. Our customers prefer to deal with really valuable backlinks, that are highly visible and provide real human traffic. Suspicious or spammy websites are not accepted into the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make money with LinkDeploy?
If you have a website you can make money by putting in relevant backlinks on its pages. The important rule is to place the backlinks organically, so they are easily accessible by your website visitors. The links should be placed for real visitors, not for the search engine bots.

If you don't have a website but are good at creating content for other websites, you can still make money with LinkDeploy by placing the backlinks on the third party websites (just do it legitimately, DO NOT SPAM).
How much can I earn with my website?
It depends on the website's language, niche, metrics, number of pages, and the particular page, where links would be placed. In most cases you will earn between $10 and $20 per backlink.

I sell blog posts, can I make money with LinkDeploy?
Yes, but we do not work on a "pay for a post" basis. However, if you are ready to put backlinks into the existing posts/pages or create new content, you are welcome.

I monetize my website with Google Adsense and affiliate links like Amazon, CJ, etc. Can I still use LinkDeploy?
Yes, certainly. You can increase your income by putting backlinks inside your content. The only rule applies - you should never hide our backlinks from your visitors.

Why do you lease backlinks?
We want to spread costs over time and make the partners interested in providing more content. We also want to make sure that our partners place backlinks correctly on the most relevant pages and keep them for a long time.

Which websites are accepted?
The main rule is that we accept only "made-for-humans" websites having real organic traffic. We kindly accept websites about any topic in any language, except for illegal or suspicious websites, that are not welcome.

I have an adult website, can I use LinkDeploy?
Yes, if it is a legal website. Although adult backlinks are processed separately in the LinkDeploy network, we have a lot of customers who need them.

My website is not in English, is that OK?
Yes, it is totally fine. We have customers all over the world, but please note, that it will take a little bit longer for offers to come.

Can I decline a backlink offer?
Yes, sure. You can also choose the reason for a decline to make sure we won't bother you with irrelevant offers again. The more offers you accept, and the better places you use for link placements, the more offers you are getting.

How do I get paid?
You are getting paid via PayPal once a month for the previous month. There is no minimum payment.

I can sell backlinks and press coverage on the most popular websites, will LinkDeploy work for me?
In most cases - no, but please send your offer to to check if any of our customers can be interested.

Can I buy backlinks from the LinkDeploy network?
Not at the moment.

I have another question...
Contact us at and we will be happy to answer. If you have a question regarding a particular backlink or offer, please use our integrated messaging system — you will get a reply much faster.

Our customers are especially interested in niche backlinks




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